Used Copiers - Protect your Investment

Copiers have long since become a necessity for the small business owner. Whether for legal documents, having duplications in multiple files or simply creating copy of an original that must be mailed, copiers are an integral part of a successful office. If you’re in the market to buy a new copier, but not ready to pay the excessive expense, used canon copiers will not only fall within your budget, but will also provide you with reliable service for many years. But when purchasing a copier that is used, it is important to evaluate the distributor, the process by which the copier was refurbished, and the ongoing warranties and service provided for long-term support.

Before selecting a used machine, identify and assess the techniques that were used to refurbish the copier. Simply cleaning the exterior of used canon copiers is not adequate. After a full check list inspection, the copier should then have any worn parts replaced, and have a thorough cleaning performed, both inside and out. Any items that did not pass inspection should also be corrected by the distributor before put up for sale. The copier distributor should be willing to discuss with you the refurbishing process to which your used copier was subjected, as well as disclose any issues found and the procedures that were performed to repair or correct them.

Since used canon copiers, during the refurbishing process, do indeed have issues discovered and subsequently resolved, a lengthy warrant should be provided. Warranties generally come in 30, 60 or 90 days. This warranty should correspond to the age and previous usage of your copier. The older the machine, or the more copies it has made in its earlier life, a longer warranty would be expected to be provided by the seller. You will be investing sometimes thousands of dollars for your used copier, so be sure that your funds are protected.

You may be required to pay extra for an extended maintenance agreement. Maintenance agreements for used copiers generally cover parts and service for items that usually break or wear out, such as drums or belts. Since refurbished canon copier may be more likely to wear out more quickly than a brand new machine, an extended maintenance agreement is certainly a good investment. Finally, watch out for dealers who sell machines in “as is” condition. Although these copiers may be substantially less money, they generally will not include warranties or maintenance agreements, and will tend to cost more money in the long run in additional fees for parts and service.