Refurbished Copiers - Selecting the Copier to Suit your Needs

Due to the sometimes excessively high costs of copiers that are brand new, many businesses (or individuals with copying needs) are deciding to purchase copiers which have been used and subsequently refurbished. When selecting properly refurbished canon copiers for your business or personal needs, it is quite important to assess various aspects of your specific requirements. In order to select the machine that will ensure you have an appropriate fit, three questions must first be answered. These include topics such as the performance of the copier, the typical daily volume of your copying operations, and the speed at which you require your work to be completed.

First, assess your requirements regarding the performance of your refurbished canon copier. If copies are the only process which you need, the price of your copier will be substantially less. Many refurbished copiers on the market today also provide the buyer with other functions. These machines can not only copy, but some also have faxing, scanning and printing features. Some copiers will provide documentation management options, such as collation or stapling. Canon color copiers are also available for purchase. These copiers may be up to 30% more than monochrome machines.

Determining your current volume may be a bit of a challenge, but is a necessary step in deciding on your purchase. Most copiers have a counter built in, so you can view the number of copies you have executed to date. Also, check the receipts provided from your local printer, as well as note your total paper usage for a select period of time. Once you have calculated your current volume, increase this number by 20% to project your future needs. By inflating your current volume numbers, and selecting from refurbished canon copiers that will meet these volumes, you will be confident that your new copier will not only meet your current needs, but also allow for future growth.

PPM (Pages per minute) is the measurement used to calculate the speed of a copier. This equates to the copier running at full speed for one full minute, and tallying the corresponding number of letter sized pages produced in that time frame. Used canon copiers in small offices average from 20 – 50 ppm. Finally, a retailer may offer you an analog used canon copier. Even though the cost may be significantly less, most manufactures are migrating to digital copiers, while analogs are actively being retired. Although it may be tempting to purchase analog, parts and supplies will continue to become a rarity, so digital copiers are recommended.